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Full Service Auto Repair Shop--Beck Service Center

Advanced Diagnostic Tools & Equipment

Our customers enjoy the best auto services in Indianapolis every time they come to our dedicated technicians at Beck Service Center. You do everything in your power to protect your vehicle and so do we. That’s why our responsible drivers keep coming back to us because they know they’re getting exceptional automotive repair. We’re not just here to fix engine components after they start malfunctioning. Our expert technicians use highly-trained hands and eyes to monitor and maintain your vehicle’s quality performance. Avoid those costly repairs! That’s what we want to do for you and your vehicle with effective maintenance services. With the latest tools and equipment, we can always find out exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle. Our goal is to only provide efficient maintenance services, like oil changes, tune-ups, tire services, lube services, check engine light dianosis and much more.

Brake Services

We have nine service bays and three technicians dedicated to brake service. RAYBESTOS is our primary brake vendor. Raybestos manufactures all of its premium brake products to meet or exceed manufacturer’s’ standards. While there are several different grades of brake products available, brake repair is one area where we strongly suggest using the best available parts. You have heard the adage “you get what you pay for,” and rarely is it more true than in brake repair. We have the latest innovations available in on-the-car brake lathes, and our guys are trained in diagnosing problems with antilock brake systems. Don’t be misled by $89.95 brake job advertisements. A good quality set of brake pads will run about that much money in and of themselves, and that doesn’t leave much money left over to pay for a good technician. We will repair your brakes with the intention of optimizing both the performance of the brake system and the durability of the job.

Engine Analysis & Diagnostics

“Check Engine” and “Service Engine Soon” lights can be an annoying and pesky problem. What do they typically mean? When you see your amber-colored engine light illuminated, it is your vehicle’s way of telling you there may be a potential problem that needs to be corrected. Most vehicles today have an on-board diagnostic system that is continually checking the operating system of your engine. It monitors several different sensors, and continuously adjusts inputs such as air and fuel intake to not only keep your vehicle running at its maximum potential, but also limit the amount of emissions the vehicle releases into the atmosphere. Generally, an amber engine light does not mean something that needs immediate attention, but something that can be scheduled to have corrected at your convenience. An exception to this is if you have a continuously flashing light. In this case, you need to have the car looked at right away, as ignoring this will cause extensive damage to your emissions system.

Michelle Winn leads our diagnostic department. She is highly trained in electrical schematics and engine diagnostics. We are capable of determining not only the area of concern, but also the root cause of the problem. Our basic engine analysis runs to $117.68. This fee covers the first hour of diagnostic time. We can generally figure out the problems with about 80% of all cars within this allotted time. Approximately 1 out of every 10 cars will require advanced diagnostics. When this occurs, we will give you a call and explain to you what we have discovered so far, where this is leading us, and the likely additional cost it will take to get there.

With the modern advances of today’s vehicles, they are becoming more difficult to work on. We continually stay abreast of these changes with advanced training and schooling. We can, and will, figure out the difficult problems that other garages may pass on; however, these are rarely accomplished within a $100.00 diagnostic span.